Make Money with Energy Deregulation

How can I capitalize on Energy Deregulation?

Energy deregulation has created a tremendous opportunity for people to create aditional income streams. A  $500 billion shift in wealth is taking place as energy deregulation occurs.  The opportunity comes from the convergence of 3 powerful forces in business:

1) Deregulation

2) The Direct Sales Industry

3) The Energy Industry

On this page I will share with you some valuable insight into the opportunity that exists when these industries combine.

Why is the Direct Sales Industry taking advantage of energy deregulation?

As I discussed in the home page, deregulation is the act or process of eliminating restrictions and regulations.  Energy deregulation is being enacted to increase competition, and reduce prices in the energy distribution field.  Previous areas that have deregulated include the airline and telecommunications industries.

The airline industry deregulated in 1978 removing the restrictions of  government price setting, route restrictions, lack of competition while eliminating tremendous government bureaucracy.  While not perfect, the airline deregulation has led to the system and competition that we have today that has lowered the average cost per mile for the consumer, while opening opportunities to companies such as Southwest Airlines and Virgin Air.  Most of us as individuals did not get a chance to capitalize and make money from the airline industry deregulation.

The telecommunications industry deregulated in two major steps. AT&T’s monopoly over the Long Distance phone service ended in 1984.  AT&T was forced to spin off its regional subsidiaries in to the Baby Bells. Eventually both Sprint, and MCI Communications competed directly with AT&T and proved that they could indeed compete while improving service and lowering prices for the consumer.  The second stage of the telecommunications industry deregulation came in 1996, with the Telecommunications Act of 1996.  This act broke up the regional monopolies that the Baby Bells had over Local phone service.  This opened the local markets to competition from cable companies, other start ups, and eventually VOIP companies.

The Direct Sales industry has been called the “Business of the 21st Century” by world renowned expert on wealth and finance, Robert Kiyosaki.  Direct Sales is simply a way to move a product or service directly to a consumer instead of through a retail location. This is typically achieved through an independent distributor or representative sales force.  Global sales from Direct Sales companies increased from $139.7 billion dollars in 2010 to $153.7 billion dollars in 2011.  Sales in the United States, which is the number 1 Direct Sales country grew to $29.9 billion dollars in 2011, up from $28,6 billion dollars in 2010.

The Global energy market is valued at close to $6 trillion dollars, with 1.2 trillion dollars in the US alone.  In an ever increasingly competitive world, the opportunities in the energy industry abound.  Whether it’s renewable sources of energy, technological innovations, smart grid implementation, energy efficiency, or energy deregulation, the opportunities to create wealth exist for those that are willing to take action.

How can a Direct Sales company help me profit from energy deregulation?

How can a Direct Sales company help me profit from energy deregulation?

The Convergence of deregulation, direct sales, and energy has created a  tremendous opportunity for individuals who truly want to change their lives forever by partnering with the right opportunity.  This convergence allows any individual with little or no experience, to become an energy broker and position themselves to generate residual income on the deals and customers they help to save money through energy deregulation.  I have researched a number of Direct Sales companies that are participating in energy deregulation, and I have chosen a great company to work with.  Fill out the form below, and I will share the results of my energy deregulation studies.