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Make Money with the 5Linx Energy Opportunity

Congratulations on maing it this far on your search for the best opportunity with deregulated energy.  Through my research of numerous companies, I have found the 5Linx opportunity to be the best overall company to work with.  It combines not only energy deregulation, but a number of other key industries that positions the individual to be a one stop shop for all essential services.

What Is the 5Linx Energy Opportunity?

5Linx Energy is an integral piece of the 5Linx opportunity.  5Linx is a Direct Sales company with a focus on “Essential Products & Services” used by both residential and business/commercial customers.  These essential services include but are not limited to VOIP (digital phone), state of the art security systems, sms/mobile marketing, mobile phones, identity theft, satellite tv, and much more.  5Linx Energy is positioning itself in the commercial and residential deregulated energy markets.  5Linx Energy operates in the following 20 residential and/or commercial markets: New York, California, Georgia, Connecticut, Maryland, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Ohio, Texas, Indiana, Florida, Rhode Island, New Hamshire, Kentucky, Delaware, Maine & Pennsylvania.  The opportunity to market gas and electricity varies by state, just like the commercial and residential availability.

Launched in 2001, 5Linx has achieved sales of more than $100 Million by the end of 2011.  In January 2011, 5Linx Energy was launched. 5Linx was Co-founded by Jeb Tyler, Jason Guck, & Craig Jerabeck. With over 60 combined years of experience in the Direct Sales and telecommunications arena these three leaders are the foundation of a fantastic leadership group.  The ability to help businesses and individuals to save on their household or business expenses including electricity and gas has put 5Linx at a great position as a worldwide Top 100 Direct Sales organization.

How can I get started with a 5Linx Energy business?

The short video below will give you a brief overview of 5Linx and the 5Linx Energy business.

As you can tell, 5Linx combines the best of Deregulation, Direct Sales and the Energy Industry. The power of 5Linx and the 5Linx Energy business is that it gives you the opportunity to create an ongoing residual income based on the customers in your network.  As your team grows, so does your customer base, and your income.  The bigger your team, the bigger your residual income.  This can become significant as you begin to get paid on all the essential services in your book of business. The most powerful component of 5Linx Energy is the Large Commercial Energy Program.  This affords you the ability to generate income independent of your team since 50% of the energy commission is earned by the individual that obtained the customer. That commission is based on the energy usage of your customer. The larger the utility bill, the bigger your pay check. Imagine being paid a monthly on the energy usage of the largest facility in your market.

Should You Join The 5Linx Energy Business?

Should You Join The 5Linx Energy Business?

When studying any opportunity, it’s important to look at the company, its leader, the sustainability of it’s line of products, and it’s overall compensation plan.  You should also consider 4 key questions: 

1) Is the program affordable for the average person?

2) Is the businesses model duplicatable?

3) Can you as an individual earn income even if you are not able to recruit a team? 

4)  Does the parent company possess a proven track record over time, and is it’s future stable? 

If you answer “NO” to any of the questions, then it makes sense to keep looking for the right opportunity.  Here are the answers for the 5Linx Business:

1) Is the program affordable for the average person? Yes, only $249 to get started.

2) Is the businesses model duplicatable? Yes – we have a proven model of success where most of our top leaders had no experience in the industry.

3) Can you as an individual earn income even if you are not able to recruit a team?  Yes, you can earn income just on your own services.  many of our products such as security sytems have comissions of up to $600 per sale.

4) Does the parent company possess a proven track record over time? – Undoubtedly yes. 5Linx has a proven track record of success over the last 13 years.

The 5Linx opportunity meets all of the above requirements, and my recommended Direct Sales Energy Company. Energy Deregulation will only occur once in your life time. Make sure you get your piece of this $500 billion dollar energy pie.

What Do I Do Next?

For an in depth and full overview of the 5Linx business, please take 17 minutes to watch the Full Opportunity Presentation


5Linx Energy

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